Wifi and Network

Increase the wifi range and internet speed in your home or business with our wifi and network system.

While most traditional routers limit their range, our system allows us to install several overlapping access points within your home or business to ensure that regardless of where you are, you will have a strong online connection. This is great for expanding the wifi range in larger homes and/or work places. Enjoy the ease of surfing the web even while barbecuing in the backyard or streaming content quickly and easily anywhere throughout your home. There will be no need to search for signal bars anymore!


The access points are like routers that work together to create one big wireless network. While standard routers restrict the speeds in which you can stream or upload data, access points allow you the potential to download at a faster rate.

We also can install network switches to allow you the ability to hard­wire more components. Even with modern technology, you will stream and download faster when something is hard-wired compared to using wifi.


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