Security Cameras

Increase the safety of your home or business with our budget-friendly installation of high-tech security cameras. Thanks to modern technology, it’s never been easier to monitor activity as it is happening while you are away. Enjoy remote access through a DVR that is linked to your network and view live video via an app on your smartphone.

Customize your security camera DVR to fit any size hard drive that you desire. We recommend at least a 1 TB hard drive to hold a substantial amount of recorded video. Once the DVR reaches capacity, it will automatically remove the oldest recorded content to make room for new recordings. Depending on your security situation, the DVR can hold anywhere from a month to a year of recorded video.

Our cameras use motion detection technology to instantly begin recording as soon as motion is detected. The sensors can pick up movement from anything as small as a child or even a large dog. The cameras also include light sensors which enable them to transition into infrared mode in the dark.


We will train you to use both the DVR and the smartphone app to ensure that you fully understand how to utilize the features of your new security camera system.

Perhaps the best part is that these features likely cost less than you may expect.

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